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Registration for the 2017/2018 Season OPENS on August 3rd at 5:00pm!

OPEN HOUSE, AUGUST 3rd 5:00-8:30pm! Come on by to register for the new season and check out the studio! 

The education that we give will be of the highest quality, we provide a safe atmosphere filled with love and encouragement.

**ALL FEE’s Listed are MONTHLY**

No REFUNDS for Missed Classes

2017/2018 Classes

Classes for our Fall/Spring Season begin on Tuesday, September 5th!

See times available and monthly fees under each class description.

Mommy & Me: This 30 minute class is for Mommy or Daddy and their little dancer ages 18 months to 3 years old. Music, movement, balance and the basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, friendly and positive manner. This type of class includes mom or dad or another loved one participating in the class along with the little dancer. This is a perfect class for children not ready to attend class independently of mom or dad. Our teachers will keep the music and curriculum moving along while parents take an active role in encouraging, supporting and keeping the little dancer on track.

Fee: $38.00 Monthly

Thursday 6:45-7:15pm



Creative Dance 1 & 2: This 45 minute class for 3 to 4 year olds is designed to be a fun, first-time exposure to dance.  Dancers will be taught beginning ballet steps and terminology also learning motor skills such as hopping, jumping, skipping etc.  Singing and creative movement activities are presented to encourage personality development.  Strength, flexibility and balance are emphasized in each fun filled class.

Fee: $48.00 monthly

Creative Dance 1

Monday 5:00-5:45pm (CLOSED)

Wednesday 5:15-6:00pm (CLOSED)

Thursday 6:00-6:45pm (CLOSED)



Creative Dance 2

Monday 5:45-6:30pm (CLOSED)

Tuesday 6:30-7:15pm (FeW SPOTS LEFT)

Thursday 5:15-6:00pm (CLOSED)



Junior Performance 1 & 2: This 60 minute class is designed for 5 - 8 year olds and is our next progressive level after our “creative dance” class.  It is an introductory class for our intermediate and technique classes.  Dancers will learn beginning ballet steps and terminology incorporating individual dance steps into combinations and work on coordination skills.  Beginning tap steps will be taught while teaching counts and recognizing different rhythms.  Singing and creative movement are still incorporated to encourage dancers to express and develop their feelings and emotions through their own creative movement.

Fee: $58.00 monthly

Junior Performance 1

Monday 6:30-7:30pm (Few Spots Left)

Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm (Few Spots Left)


Junior Performance 2

Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm

Thursday 7:15-8:15pm (CLOSED)


Intermediate Performance: This 60 minute class consists of ballet, tap and jazz technique training.  During ballet students will learn proper body alignment and technique while building muscle tone and strength.  Tap is designed to teach coordination and rhythm skills, intricate and complex rhythm skills and patterns are explored during this portion.  Finishing with everyone’s favorite…Jazz, consisting of strong, sharp placed movements executed to the latest popular music. 

Fee: $58.00 Monthly

Monday 7:45-8:45pm


Pre-Pointe/Pointe: This 45 minutes class is structured to assist dancers’ journey to being on pointe. If your dancer is ready for the next stage they will perform this class in pointe shoes via the teacher’s recommendations and expertise. The curriculum allows teachers ample time to help students build the strength and alignment necessary for pointe work.

Fee: $48.00 Monthly ($20.00 if enrolled in technique classes *NOT IN CAP)

Wednesday 8:00-8:45pm


Silks/Aerialist Training:  Have you ever wanted to learn the newest craze that’s available only at the M.A.C.?  We are one of a few places in Missouri that offer this beautiful art as seen in Cirque De Soleil.  Strength and technique will be taught along with a number of fun mini routines on the fabrics.  Space is limited!  3 Levels available (Silks Conditioning/Silks 1, Silks 2, and Silks 3)

Fee: $60.00 -$65.00 Monthly (*NOT IN CAP)

Silks Conditioning/Silks 1

Thursday 6:30-7:15pm $60.00

Silks 2

Thursday 5:45-6:30pm $60.00

Silks 3

 Thursday 4:45-5:45pm $65.00


Hip Hop (Beginner ,Intermediate) Fun! Fun! Fun! This energetic fast paced class will leave you eager for more!  Learn the latest techniques and styles to the music you love to listen to!

Fee: $38.00 monthly ($28 if enrolled in another class)

Beginner Hip Hop

Thursday 7:15-7:45pm

Intermediate Hip Hop

Thursday 7:45-8:15pm


M.A.C. Technique Classes:

M.A.C. Mini Technique 1 & 2: These classes challenge our younger students with fun  choreography, focusing on performance, technique and flexibility.  Numerous styles and technical work will be addressed. Class will include Ballet, Jazz and Tap skill sets.

M.A.C. Ballet 1-4: For the advanced dancer this is the foundation for all dance training.  Dancers will learn and progress through barre work, combinations and progression work.  Emphasis will be placed on body alignment and proper technique.

M.A.C. Jazz & Tap Technique 1-4: These classes challenge students with fast paced choreography with focus on performance, technique and flexibility.  Numerous styles and technical work will be addressed.

M.A.C. Combo 1-4: These classes will dive into to the many genres and forms of dance through various combinations (combos) and improv work.

M.A.C. Tumbling 1-4: These classes are designed to work at each dancers own tumbling level while assisting the dancer in gaining strength and control that can be mirrored in the rest of their technique work.

Technique Times:

Mini Technique 1- $48.00

Monday 6:30-7:15pm


Mini Technique 2 - $58.00

Monday 5:00-6:00pm


Tech. 1: $135.00

Monday 4:45pm-5:45pm Jazz/Tap Technique 1

Monday 5:45-6:15pm Combo 1

Thursday 6:00-7:00pm Ballet 1

Thursday 5:15-6:00pm Tumbling 1 & 2

Saturday 11:15-12:00pm Ballet 1 & 2


Tech. 2: (see pricing below)

Monday 6:15-7:45pm Jazz/Tap Technique 2

Monday 7:45-8:15pm Combo 2

Thursday 7:00-8:15pm Ballet 2

Thursday 5:15-6:00pm Tumbling 1 & 2

Saturday 11:15-12:00pm Ballet 1 & 2


Tech. 3 (see pricing below)

Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm Jazz Technique 3

Tuesday 5:00-5:30pm Tap Technique 3

Tuesday 7:00-7:45pm Tumbling 3

Wednesday 6:30-7:00pm Combo 3

Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm Ballet 3

Saturday 12:00-12:45pm Ballet 3 & 4


Tech. 4: (see pricing below)

Tuesday 5:00-6:30pm Jazz Technique 4

Tuesday 6:30-7:00pm Tap Technique 4

Wednesday 5:00-5:30pm Combo 4

Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm Ballet 4

Tuesday 7:45-8:30pm Tumbling 4

Saturday 12:00-12:45pm Ballet 3 & 4


TECHNIQUE 2, 3 & 4 Pricing:

Technique Package: $155.00

If dancer is not on Competition Line and wishes to take a technique package class each class is $55.00.

*Competition students must take all the listed classes in your technique bracket*


Family Discounts:

The Movement Arts Center provides a 20% discount off your 2nd child’s tuition and a 50% discount off the third family member. 


Individual and Family Caps:

Our individual cap is $280.00.

Our family cap is $380.00.